Our Core Belief

Sixty Four Squares believes that the will to succeed transcends all obstacles that conspire to prevent us from achieving our goals. Achieving success in chess is no exception. Anyone determined to become a strong chess player, regardless of their innate ability, can do so if they are committed to putting in the effort.

The company was founded by Jason Sunshine and National Master Ian Harris, and is advised by Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky and Dr. Jonathan Jackson.

An Internet-Based Gymnasium for Chess Players

Sixty Four Squares is developing an online chess training platform that will enable players to reach their full potential. The platform will be an internet-based gymnasium for chess players, which we call the Chess Understanding Knowledge System or ChUnKs. It is a system based on a scientific understanding of the nature of playing strength and methods shown to lead to improvement.


Named after a scientific theory of chess knowledge, ChUnKs will consist of three components—ChUnKs_e, ChUnKs_c, and ChUnKs_r—focused on the evaluation, comprehension, and retention of chess knowledge.

Currently, Sixty Four Squares is piloting the ChUnKs_e. The ChUnKs_e is an evaluation designed to measure chess strength across eight chess sub-skills—Pawn Structure, King Safety, Identifying Targets, Piece Placement, Attack, Defense, Endgames Static and Endgames Dynamic—and provide a report with scores reflecting overall chess playing strength and each chess sub-skill. The purpose of the ChUnKs_e is to make chess training more efficient by enabling chess players to focus their time and energy on their unique set of weaknesses.