Our Core Belief

Sixty Four Squares believes that the will to succeed transcends all obstacles that conspire to prevent us from achieving our goals. Achieving success in chess is no exception. Anyone determined to become a strong chess player, regardless of their innate ability, can do so if they are committed to putting in the effort.

The company was founded by Jason Sunshine, National Master Ian Harris, and Ed Yasutake, and is advised by Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky and Dr. Jonathan Jackson.

Take Control of Your Chess Improvement

Create a study plan that includes what you plan to study, when, and for how long. Our solution allows you to hold yourself accountable by empowering you to track your training time and ensure you meet your training goals.

Train Smarter and Track Performance

Sixty Four Squares makes chess improvement more efficient.

As you solve positions, our trainer measures your chess strength across nine skills — Middlegame, Endgame, Attack, Defense, Tactical, Positional, Pawn Play, Piece Play, and Exchanges — and further breaks down your abilities within the Middlegame and Endgame skills.

The result is you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lay and you can focus your time and energy on your unique set of weaknesses. You can then track your chess improvement over time.