Training Plans

Grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky and National Master Ian Harris developed training plans that are included in our App. These plans are intended to help get you started. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. You should use the plans as a starting point and customize them to fit your specific needs.

The suggested training time commitment is also simply a recommendation. If you feel it's more time than you can commit, we suggest you start small. We believe that in the long term consistency is more important than the total amount of time trained.

Below are training resources curated by Daniel and lan. Some of them were pre-populated in the training plans. Feel free to substitute them with any of the other resources in this list.

Training Resources



Resources Rating Range
Winning Chess Openings (Seirawan) Beginner to 1000
Naroditsky's Opening Lab (Naroditsky) 1000-1500 All